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Starlux™ Photofacial

Pigmented and vascular lesions can spoil your complexion, age, your appearance and affect your confidence. Luckily, photofacial technology (which uses lasers and pulsed light to remove skin imperfections) has advanced and improved dramatically, culminating in the RejuveLux™ Process. Don’t be discouraged by stories of ineffective treatments by older machines. This StarLux™ technology is one the safest and most effective available today.

The StarLux RejuveLux™ Photofacials treats brown spots and enlarged blood vessels on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands, with a resultant improvement in skin tone and texture.

Our pulsed light treatments improve the more visible signs of aging by decreasing redness, flushing and discoloration. Dramatic improvement in facial redness (rosacea), sun-induced brown spots, and facial telangietasias (small facial veins) is achieved. The overall result of this photo-rejuvenating facial is a more youthful appearance in four to six brief treatments over four months.

Immediately after the RejuveLux™ treatment, there is a slight darkening of the unwanted pigment. Within two to three minutes, there is a mild redness around the individual brown spots, which gently peel off within two to three days. Blood vessels diminish or clear in 10–14 days. Areas of diffuse flushing or redness gradually fade, leaving skin looking clearer and younger.

Starlux Before and After


Starlux Machine

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